Don't PLAY Basketball

Don't PLAY Basketball


The Connecticut Spirit Club selects only the highest quality coaching staff, dedicated to the overall development of each player and team. Though each of our coaches come from varying backgrounds and experiences each of them share in common a unique love for the game of basketball and take special interest in teaching the fundamentals of the game while stressing the will to compete over winning.

*All Spirit coaches are PCA Certified

5th Grade Red

Head Coach - Jeffrey Dixon
Assistant Coach - Tim Barrett

6th Grade Red

Head Coach - Alyssa Barrett
Assistant Coach - Bri Pabon

7th Grade Red

Head Coach - "Tito" Ruiz
Assistant Coach - Sam Johnson

8th Grade Red

Head Coach - Yasmin Ithier Vicenty
Assistant Coach - Ayssa McGhee

 9th Grade Red

Head Coach - Marc Williams
Assistant Coach - Dale Johnson
Assistant Coach - Yolanda Napper

 10th Grade Red

Head Coach - Mike Cuevas
Assistant Coach - TBD